What Is Magical Modernity?

Back in 2016, inspired by a tumblr post that a friend sent my way, I began imagining what the modern world would look like if the magical and the mundane lived side by side, if the fantastical were everyday? Thus Moments in Magical Modernity was born. This is a collection of short fiction pieces and stories, originally posted on my blog MWGS: Mom, Writer, Geek, Superwoman. After a friend recommended them to someone else on Facebook recently, I thought that I needed to make them easier to find. Therefore and thusly, I have gathered them here into their own space like my own little passel of ducklings. Feel free to read, comment, and leave your thoughts and opinions. All I ask is that you don’t scoot my ducklings off somewhere else.

All of these stories are the works, right, and property of Melissa Snyder, created by own my intellect, mind, and hands. Please, do not steal them and the joy they engender away from me.

That having been said: the post listing is on your right. I would suggested starting with I and II and then, after that, you may go in whatever you order you please. Well met, welcome, and enjoy!