Urban Fantasy · Writing

XVIII.: Yule Edition


In the Hollow Bean, there is a delicious warmth in the dark of the oncoming night, the darkest of the year.  This warmth not only chases away the winter’s chill from your bones, it actively wards off the cold. In the Hollow’s hearth burns a large log. A Yule log. This huge, hewn trunk of an applewood tree sits in the giant hearth, burning away merrily through only not only Yule but the entirety of winter.

The wood is the gifted sacrifice of an ancient apple tree, under whose o’er spread branches generations had played, rested, loved, wept, and rejoiced. Because the logs were given in sacrifice by this centuries-old tree, an ancient rite and ritual carried out by Woodfolk and their descendents, the wood is charmed. An old magic, in the same veins as the Stone Table itself. A gift rooted in sacrifice. A gift to last throughout the darkness and cold, to keep magical and non-magical alike warm and safe, hearty and hale until the return of spring and bounty. The apple tree’s logs have now spread out into homes and establishments throughout the city and beyond. They now spread further than even the roots that once tied this great tree to the earth.

Just like the Hollow nestled within, outside the city, th grand fireplace at the Homestead cradles one such Yule log, its crackling song soothing restaurant guests into the peace, warmth, and joy of the season. Couples, friends, families, all gather together to celebrate and relax in the beauty of the Homestead, and the Yule log makes the space even more welcoming than it normally is.

Homes and businesses, residences, sanctuaries, and even hospitals find themselves warmer, more restful, more restorative in the glow of their Winter hearths. This Yule heralds a winter season that will be seen out not only in celebrations and love but with light, comfort, and safety until the sun returns.

Blessed Yule. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. May it and you all be blest.


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