Urban Fantasy · Writing


This is what happens when children pray for a long summer. When you have 85-degree days in October. When the Summer King conveniently “forgets” that the equinox has come and gone and his crown still flames and flickers with Summer’s heat. Autumn, when she comes into her own (because you know she will), will not be kind in the offing. It’s the figurative “F*** you” with both middle fingers raised and bronze-colored lips growling when late October blows in with cloudy skies, icy rain, and bitterly-cold winds. Deny Autumn and she has absolutely no problem messing with your Halloween plans, with turning your night frigid and unwelcoming and forcing you to wear your heavy winter coat over your carefully-planned costume.

When children complain, their mothers simply tsk, shrug their shoulders, and shake their heads.

“This is what happens when you pray for a long summer: you get it. But Autumn will always come. And she rarely lets it go.”



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